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By andika - May 31, 2016

andika お引越しのお知らせ
I am pleased to announce that 'andika poses' [pose and animation shop ] is going to move out from Serena Siesta SIM . I will be in business at Serena Siesta SIM till 31st of May (TUE) in JPT.
I appreciate Serena Siesta SIM and the owner for taking such good care of my since i had opened.
Though i am planning to open new mainstore at the third week June(Sun), I am still getting ready and the schedule may change.
New location and more details will be announced at andika website and group notice later.
Thank you so much.
andika poses,
serena siesta SIMを離れることになりました
日本時間5月31日をもってserena siestaでの営業は
新しい場所はandika website とグループノーチスなどで
お知らせいたしますね•.¸¸◟(˘͈ᵕ ˘͈●) 

ただいま 準備中

目安は6月の中旬あたり それでも準備が出来次第ですので
前後するだろうなあ と相変わらず呑気に(笑)

どうぞ よろしくお願いします


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