andika New releas@ ORIENTILIKA

andika New releas
andika [le soleil]Full set@ ORIENTILIKA.

SLT03/15 (FRI) 8:00 AM ~ 04/07 (SUN) 8:00 AM.
*** Please refer to our main store for redelivery issues. The terminal is at the front desk
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The contents of the set/andika [le soleil]Full set

[[[Set 15item]]]
andika[le soleil]-Flame-1Li
andika[le soleil]bar soap&bath towel/3Li
andika[le soleil]bar soap/1Li
andika[le soleil]Face towel/1Li
andika[le soleil]bar soap& towelStand/3li
andika[le soleil]flower vase stand/2Li
andika[le soleil]flower vase/1Li
andika[le soleil]mango plate/1Li
andika[le soleil]mango stand/2Li
andika[le soleil]stand-A
andika[le soleil]stand-B
andika[le soleil]stand-C
andika[le soleil]stand-D
andika[le soleil]stone plate&stand/2Li
andika[le soleil]stone plate/2Li

**Copy/Resizer for each
Please enjoy


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