andika@TSS(opens October 10th)

By andika - October 09, 2018

The Seasons Story LM (opens October 10th)

After event it will be at main store

andika[Harvest Moon]FatPack

■Copy okay
■Resizer for each

■Copy okay
■Resizer for each

*pie&spoon set
andika[Harvest Moon-apple-pie]2land impact
andika[Harvest Moon-spoon set]1Land impact

■Copy okay
■Resizer for each

*Coffee set
andika[Harvest Moon-Bowl set]2Land impact
andika[Harvest Moon-coffee set]O-1Land impact
andika[Harvest Moon-coffee set]R-1Land impact
andika[Harvest Moon-coffee set]B-1Land impact

■Copy okay
■Resizer for each

*Sweets set
andika[Harvest Moon- marshmallow]1Land impact
andika[Harvest Moon- chocolate]1Land impact
andika[Harvest Moon-Macron set]1Land impact

 all of them can bee bought in a fatpack which is -50% during The Seasons Story or you can by buy individual pack separately.

5 year anniversary Gift
*andika[Harvest Moon]Bento poses

5 year anniversary Gift   at this seasons story at my booth

have fun

Thank you and best regards,


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