andika [Moden Wafu Cateching FullSet]

By andika - June 29, 2019

Opens July 1st.
coming verry soon

*andika modern wafu/Matcha greentea/1Li
*andika modern wafu/coffee/1Li
*andika modern wafu/Fork
*andika modern wafu/spoon
*andika modern wafu/cutlery/2Li
*andika modern wafu/Matcha green chocolate//Ganache/1Li
*andika modern wafu/Macaron2Li
*andika modern wafu/MATCHA Green Tea Ice Cream2Li
*andika modern wafu/Chocolate cake/2Li
*andika modern wafu/Egg pudding/2Li

*andika modern wafu/ Matcha parfait/Dispenser
*andika modern wafu/chocolate parfait //Dispenser

**Copy/Resizer for each

■Dispenser//For Her,For Him///andika 2Bento eat animation

[I stopped posing.]
*Touching the Props brings up a dialog*

andika eat animation
*****Left arm left shoulder left wrist Left finger and neck,Head is fixed with bento animation.
Even if you use it with your own AO, there is probably no problem.

*** Please refer to our main store for redelivery issues. The terminal is at the front desk

Thank you and best regard,

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