andika Waffle Bar set @ Uber

By andika - July 25, 2020

Waffle Bar-[shelf&freezer Decor Set]

andika Waffle Bar- Showcase Waffle&Takeaway Waffle

Waffle Bar-Waffle sandwich&Chocolate sauce Set

All 1Li-2Li

Created to decorate a D-Lab bike food cart.
Ice cream for jars and cart freezers that can be decorated on the shelves.
Then the waffle batter and its tools.
A variety of waffles and take-away waffles for the showcase. And waffles with fried eggs on them.
We think it would be great to have you decorate other places besides the cart as well. May you have waffles with your favorite toppings!
much Love❤︎

andika at Uber
d-lab at Uber

When I get a little better at expressing glass, I'd like to create a lot of fruit juice.
This time I made a jar and a small bottle with my favorite chocolate sauce.

I decorated andika's waffles on the cart's auxiliary table created by D-Lab.

Place the waffles in the showcase in any order you like.

You can decorate your cart with waffles however you like!

much love :))
thank you so much,

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