andika[What's the date today?]Set @equal10

By andika - November 29, 2020


andika[What's the date today?]Set @equal10

andika Bento eat Animathion


*Polar Bear cookie/Dispenser/1Li

*Stollen tray set/decor/1Li-2Li

**Advent calendar/1-23-Texture change/Touch/3Li-4Li

~Candle on/off

**Advent calendar/24-25-Texture change/Touch/2Li

~Candle on/off

**Advent calendar/Decor/1Li

I made little things to count down to the holidays and stollen and polar bear cookies. You can also change the date. You can also eat stollen. And polar bears too:)I wish you warmth!

thank you❤︎

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