D-LAB@Cosmopolitan 5th Anniversary

D-LAB@Cosmopolitan 5th Anniversary
31st July-12th August:)
It's a cute milk shop!

The bar counter on the side can be opened and closed by touch
Very unique! And the cow's head is cute•.¸¸◟(˘͈ᵕ ˘͈●)

Signs can be removed so you can create a favorite shop:)
Touch the milk server and you can get the glass.
Then touch the hot milk steamer.
You can get warm milk.

You can open and close the refrigerator of yoghurt and pudding respectively by touching the front and the back

Try making a favorite shop!
Have Fun•.¸¸◟(˘͈ᵕ ˘͈●)

There is a single item and a fat pack.
Fat pack is recommended as it is cheap at the price of the event!



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