By andika - May 31, 2016

D-LAB+LIZAIL  will be releasing the [ Peti ~ summer little garden with penguin ~]at the upcoming June edition of the Arcade.

Open on 1st June.

Shoping Guid 

See the Link D-LAB website

Peti ~ summer little garden with penguin ~ 

D-LAB:daze Voom

so warm and soft, on the happy summer days.
play with  pet penguin.

a sort of pleasure,You spend peaceful summer days.
Let's hang out summer holiday.

It is a simple operation. 
REZ effector with Rez penguin and place it where you like.
Click the penguin to bring out a menu, then press [START].

 That's all•.¸¸◟(˘͈ᵕ ˘͈●) 

Let's take a walk!
Wearing penguin
Click click to bring out a menu. 
Select "Attach" .
 One more thing.   
Little house of penguin!!!
Please put to please your garden.

It  little house containing effectors .
It can be used as an effector even after removing contents from the box.

you chilling at the garden with penguin this summer days.

Have fun!!!!

Hugs my dear D-LAB+LIZAIL.

 I'm very happy you like this.
 I think D-LAB+LIZAIL  give such a nice feel of peace and purity and smile.

Thank you so much,dazai and tomozoo and chibiuzu.


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