andika[ kazuri]Sweets&Dispenser Set

By andika - October 12, 2019

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Gothical 2nd 2019

coming soon

SLT 2019/10/12open
  JST 2019/10/13 start   - 11/03 close

andika[ kazuriSweets&Dispenser Set
*andika[ kazuri]Dispenser//berry sherbet-A/2Li
*andika[ kazuri]Dispenser//berry sherbet-B/2Li

*andika[ kazuri]a piece of cake/2Li/Decor
*andika[ kazuri]Cake/3Li/Decor
*andika[ kazuri]Fork-A/1Li/Decor
*andika[ kazuri]Fork-B/1Li/Decor
*andika[ kazuri]spoon/1Li/decor
*andika[ kazuri]plate set/2Li/Decor

*andikaBento Eat Animation
[I stopped posing.]
*Touching the Props brings up a dialog*

andika eat animation
*****Left arm left shoulder left wrist Left finger and neck,Head is fixed with bento animation.
Even if you use it with your own AO, there is probably no problem.

Please go from the inventory to the ground, menu click and select  from the menu.
 If you allow installation in the next window you will be wearing your hand and animation will begin.
 *Wearing items do not go into inventory

  [experience] This product uses AVsitter's experience . 
You can set up people who have land that can build experience.
 When you use on the land where experience setting was done, if you give permission when wearing first, you will not be allowed from the next time on. 
If you teleport from that place, what you wear is automatically removed.

Have Fun :))))

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