andika[Witch Cake]Dispenser Set

By andika - October 18, 2019

Available at Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa 2019

andika[Witch cake]Dispenser Set

*andikaBento Eat Animation
[I stopped posing.]
*Touching the Props brings up a dialog*

andika eat animation
*****Left arm left shoulder left wrist Left finger and neck,Head is fixed with bento animation.
Even if you use it with your own AO, there is probably no problem.

**andika[Witch cake]Dispenser Set**

*andika[Witch cake]Dispenser-A/2Li
*andika[Witch cake]Dispenser-B/2Li

*andika[Witch cake]spoon-B/1Li/decor
*andika[Witch cake]spoon-A/1Li/decor
*andika[Witch cake]Leaf-decor/1Li
*andika[Witch cake]spoon set/3Li/decpr
*andika[Witch cake]A-3Li/decor
*andika[Witch cake]B/3Li decor

thank you so much:)
Warm regards,

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